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Natural Panic attack Treatment

panic attack treatment

Heal Panic Attacks

The actual chapters of the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program MANUAL are freely available so you can start your recovery from panic attacks today.

First read the Introduction. Then read Chapters I through IV to understand the reasons for having panic attacks and what you do to regain control.

 panic attacks

panic attack


The premier panic attacks healing program available today!

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I'm Amy Korkiakoski a former Anxiety and Panic Attack sufferer. I had experienced debilitating panic attacks for almost 20 years before realizing they could be healed.
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I have appeared on several radio and television shows sharing my story with others around the world. My message is that there is hope and recovering is possible. It just takes the correct knowledge and tools to stop your panic attacks.

Natural Panic attack Treatment


Panic Disorder

Bert Anderson

Dr Bert Anderson is a retired therapist that practiced for 30 years, he specialized in addiction and stress related disorders. His interest in helping people with panic disorder led to research that contributes to the understanding of panic and is published in scientific journals. Dr Anderson has reported on the methods developed for the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program, at the clinical meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology, in Leuven, Belgium. He also reported on research and the Healing Panic Attacks Program at scientific conferences in Perpignan, France (1998), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (1999), Granada, Spain (1999), and Oxford University, UK  (2001).

What is a panic attack?

What causes Panic attacks?
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symptoms of panic attacks
panic attack symptoms


If you would like to talk to me or Dr Anderson directly you can reach us on:

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natural panic attack treatment



Rating: panic attack treatment recommendations

Comments: The product arrived on time and as advertised. The support at www.healingpanicattacks.com is incredible. When you order this product, you're getting more than what comes in the box. You can't put a price on the valuable feedback and information Dr. Anderson supplies for free. I really appreciate his work.



Comments: This program really works. Science is a bit of an evolutionary process, and the author will make adaptations along the way, and is very reachable. You'd be making the wrong decision not to try.



Comments: extremely satisfied with the prompt service, extremely satisfied with the quality of the merchandise. excellent program, WELL WORTH THE MONEY.



Comments: I very seldom give an excellent rating. If the system were like eBay with 3 choices, healingpanicattacks would get the top. I received the merchandise in a timely manner and in a well-packed carton.



Comments: Over the past 3 weeks I am happy to say that I have not had one attack and my feelings of generalized anxiety are all but gone. The constant lump in my throat is gone. I feel as though I have total control over my life again, which had been stolen from me years ago.

Excellent speedy shipping! Definitely appreciate that! Keep up the good work. Using the program now! Wish me luck!


Thank you for the kit. I am amazed at how much better I am feeling! I am on my fourth week and have not had an attack for 10 days! Is this too good to be true!


Things have greatly improved after I started using the materials you sent me. My panic attacks have almost disappeared."


I wrote to you about six months ago in an absolute state of panic (no pun intended). After using Healing Panic I am back to about 95% of normal. I just wanted to say "thanks" for the help.


I haven't a single panic attack. I am aware of my breathing. I used to go quite frequently to the emergency rooms and doctors told me what I had. Most of these attacks occurred the outside the home, so I was afraid I would get those outside and was agoraphobic and homebound. Thanks to your breathing techniques, I am more relaxed and go out. My overall health and happiness has improved. I don't have worry about another attack. Thank you so much."


I am probably the biggest skeptic on the planet, but these exercises really work. The breathing is incredibly helpful. In a day and age of "how can I rip people off and make millions", you come along and actually help people for an incredibly cheap price. I would actually mortgage my house to be cured of this evil disorder, that's how desperate I'm sure most people are with this disorder. Your price is only $10 more then a month prescription of Zoloft for me."


I am so thrilled that this is behind me. I really feel completely freed from panic attacks now. I wanted to not only share my good news with you but also thank you, again, for your part in this positive experience. So..THANK YOU!!!! --Lori Anne Carabello -- New Jersey, U.S.A..


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Healing Panic Attack Recovery Program


Are you tired of living with these symptoms:

  • fast, raging heartbeat

  • feeling as though you 'can't get enough air

  • terror that is almost paralyzing

  • terrified, nervous, shaking, stress

  • heart palpitations (skipping beats), feeling of dread

  • lightheadedness,  dizziness or nausea

  • shaking, trembling, sweating

  • choking, chest pains (feeling like you are having a heart attack

  • afraid, fear, fright, anxious

  • hot flashes, or sudden chills

  • tingling in fingers or toes ('pins and needles')

  • think you're going to go crazy or are about to die

  • Do the symptoms above plague your life everyday? Have you tried other treatments? The most common  treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but you need a good therapist for that, and at what cost?  Maybe $1500 to $2500 at minimum?   You could spend thousands of dollars on the wrong kind of therapy, like medications, and still have symptoms  --  and many people have.  Some people think that their panic disorder as a chronic illness. 

    It isn't.  Healthy people get panic attacks.   Healthy people get anxious.   Even if you have other problems, being able to control your attacks frees you up to deal with the things that make you anxious. 

    When it comes to treatment everyone has a choice.  You can choose the traditional medication and cognitive therapy, which for some is fine, but if you do not want to take benzodiazepines which include the following:

    Xanax, alprazolam:

    Lexotan, bromazepam:

    Librium, chlordiazepoxide:

    Klonopin, clonazepam:

    Tranxene, clorazepate:

    Valium, diazepam

    Rohypnol, flunitrazepam:

    ProSom, estazolam:

    Dalmane, flurazepam:

    Paxipam, halazepam:

    Dormonoct, loprazolam:

    Ativan, lorazepam:

    Versed (Hypnovel, Dormicum),

    Mogadon, nitrazepam:

    Serax, oxazepam:

    Doral, quazepam:

    Restoril, temazepam:

    Halcion, triazolam:

    we offer an alternative natural treatment.

    Many times people go to the Emergency Room having a panic attack and the on-call Doctor will prescribe one of the benzodiazepines and within 15 to 20 minutes the panic attack stops.  The patient immediately thinks that this is the answer.  So they start a regimen of  taking the benzos everyday to keep the panic attacks from returning.  Before they know it they are physically and mentally dependent on the medication.    After being on the medication for a while the patient discovers that it takes more to keep them calm so they start taking them every 4 hours instead of what was prescribed.  This continues until they are taking much more that what the Doctor prescribed and the panic attacks are starting to return.

    Most people do not realize what happens to their body when they get addicted to benzodiazepines.  Their bodies start to NEED the medication to function.  If the patient decides they want to stop taking the benzodiazepines they had no idea what the next few weeks or months will hold.  In the following video you will see a man that took anxiety medication for a long period of time and is going through the horrible withdrawals symptoms.

    Click here to find a list of the most common benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms  Not everyone will experience the withdrawal symptoms as severely as this man, but you never know.  It is best to never start taking them. 

    Doctors give out these medications without explaining to people what could possibly happen to them if they decided to stop taking them  They are given as a quick fix  Again, it is your choice as to the type of treatment you choose, but I highly recommend taking a natural approach.  What do you have to lose?  You learn to stop your attacks NATURALLY by following the Healing Panic Attacks Program.

    This program deals with the underlying issues of panic attacks It isn't a quick fix.  You didn't get panic disorder in one day and as some programs try to fool you into believing it can be cured in one day is absurd. You will learn the techniques written by a Psychologist with a Doctorate degree and 30 years of experience in teaching people the knowledge they need to overcome panic disorder.

    If you've suffered panic attacks more than a few weeks, NOW is the time to get the knowledge you need.


    Why will this program help me when other things I've tried haven't? 

    The answer is simple.



    People may logically assume that learning leads to the acquisition of knowledge. However, the opposite may, in fact, be true. It appears that knowledge is the key to learning.

    The people who visit this site and read these pages come from every walk of life and from all parts of the world. They share in common their experience of panic attacks. They share also the knowledge that they have not found a satisfactory explanation or cure. What they and you will find here is the information you need to recover.  If you have to have the right tools and that is exactly what Healing Panic attacks provides for you; you WILL have the knowledge to heal your panic attacks.

    Once you have finished the questionnaire
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    to go to the Order page to order the full manual and all of the products included.


    Doctor Recommended

    Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.,
    Obstetricianfearn and gynecologist, is frequently interviewed on TV and radio. As a practicing physician for over 20 years, she is internationally known for her approach to empowering women in caring for their own health.
    Click here
    to Read Dr. Northrup's recommendation


    panic attacks


    I wanted to send this message along to thank you for your on-line advice. I have been having a great deal of difficulty with stress over the past few months, and really thought I was going "nuts". I figured the Internet was a last resort, but I gave it a try. First, I found the Panic Attack home page which did not offer too much encouragement in the way of self help. It seemed to emphasize drugs and cognitive therapy. I then found your page, and with a great deal of skepticism, tried your breathing advice. In fact, the more I read, the more I recognized the symptoms you described. I literally had tears in my eyes! (Men aren't supposed to cry, right?)

    Today is Thursday the 13th, and I found your site on Monday the 17th. In these few short days my attitude and outlook on life have improved tremendously, and most of all the feelings of anxiousness and panic have virtually disappeared (this despite changes in work conditions, pending litigation for my company and a new baby due in less than one month!). I am literally amazed that something which seems so small and trivial could have such a tremendous impact on my life.  Sincerely, Todd


    The Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program, unlike prescription medications, is 98% effective. It is never too late to heal from panic when you know what to do.

    The Healing Panic Recovery Program, is very Easy to Use


    As mentioned below The Healing Panic Recovery Program consists of an Online Manual in pdf form, the Complete Relaxation CD  by Glenn Harrold, the Anti-Panic: Instant Panic Attack Relief mp3 by Dr. Christopher Gilbert, the Voldyne Volumetric Breathing Exerciser, and a Stress Thermometer. Click here for a detailed description of the products included in the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program.



    including the Complete Relaxation mp3 and the Revitalizer II mp3



    Your doctor will be amazed when you tell about your progress: Scientific research often takes ten or twenty years to begin benefitting those most in need.

    This is especially true of non-drug treatments that are effective with panic and other disorders. Yes, your doctor could have gone on treating you with habit forming medications for ten more years before he or she becomes aware of new non-drug treatments.

    The Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program will show you how to recover even if you've been coping with this disorder twenty or thirty years. It is that effective.


    Please read the feedback on this page from fully recovered people who have suffered for ten, twenty or more years before finding Healing Panic Attacks.

    How does the program work??

    First Listen to the Anti-Panic mp3 it prepares you to deal with panic attacks and the second tract helps you if you have a panic attack.  Listen to it during the attack.

    Second Listen to the Complete Relaxation mp3 it combines a gentle relaxation of the body with calming suggestions and wonderfully soothing stereo effects including sounds of the sea. Side Two is a visualization that in a lovely garden, then leads you to a beach..

    Open the Online Manual and begin reading. Brief instructions for every week for eight weeks, a page for every day. By the end of the first week you'll have the beginning of the knowledge as to  what is causing your attacks.

    Forth Change the way you breathe. Voldyne Breathing Exerciser The Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser is included with your Program to make retraining your breathing easier. You would not be having panic attacks if it were not for the fact that you have unknowingly developed a tendency to over- breath. Yes, anxiety is what causes panic attacks, but only because anxiety, stress, or other factors like hormones has affected your breathing, do symptoms like dizziness, tingling racing heart and shortness of breath occur. By the third week, most people are in control of panic.

    The last five weeks shows you how to eliminate anxiety, change anxious thoughts, relax and permanently change your breathing so panic attacks never come back!


    Healing Panic Attacks is . .

    1. ...a way to empower people suffering from panic disorder to heal themselves.

    2. ...a place that listens and responds to your needs, as a person suffering from panic attacks.

    3. ...authoritative, high-quality expertise and advanced self-help methods.

    4. ...the latest information from leading researchers and clinicians that you can put to immediate use in your recovery.

    5. ...based on messages and feedback from thousands people who are the living proof that the destructive cycle of panic attacks can be reversed.

    6. ...a way to see results without having to invest considerable time and money on medications, therapy sessions.

    7. ...changes "what is done to you" to "what you can do for yourself."



    An M.D.'s Response to Healing Panic Attacks

    Yesterday I visited my MD for annual blood work and general physical. He asked how I was doing in regard to panic. When I shared with him my recovery progress he was very, very impressed. I spoke with him about the research into this program. Well, at the end of my visit, my doctor stated that he really needed to remember this (healingpanicattacks.com) for other patients who came to him with this problem! all I can say is this program rocks!!! . . . Because of it, and because God led me to this place, many people that go to my MD will get the real scoop, maybe the first time around! . . .Couldn't wait to share the good news.


    A little more about how this amazing program works.

    Those who use the program report that they feel in control of panic and anxiety attacks in the first three weeks. Everyone is different, of course. None the less, when you use the program as directed, you can expect to feel better and know you're on the road to recovery in that short of a time.

    You will have the knowledge why what you have tried before has not helped or kept you free from panic. With your doctor's help, you reduce and finally discontinue the medications that you have been taking to control symptoms. You will no longer need medication if you've been taking them. You will no longer suffer from panic attacks.


    is something we all do.  Most of the time we are not even aware of it.  But during a panic attack breathing becomes difficult and most of us feel we are not getting enough air.  There are techniques you will learn in the manual what to do when you feel that sensation.

    When overcoming high levels of anxiety, it is important to learn the techniques of natural breathing. Many people who live with high levels of anxiety are known to breathe through their chest. Shallow breathing through the chest means you are disrupting the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide necessary to be in a relaxed state. This type of breathing will perpetuate the symptoms of anxiety.

    Breathing Correctly

    In the online manual you will be taught the correct way to breathe and how it effects your panic attacks. This is the most important factor in lessening your panic.


    What about Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia and Depression?

    Recent research at the University of California, Published in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders, confirms that when you recover from panic disorder, that you do not need to be further treatment for agoraphobia. When panic disorder is effectively treated, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia being treated at the same time. In most people, depression is usually diminished as well.

    People who've used the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program report back that they're driving, flying, and going to places that they had previously avoided, and often feeling better than they've felt in years!


    Recovered from Panic and Agoraphobia!

    panic attacks

    As far as the panic attacks you can overcome them, and will, if you follow Dr Anderson's Healing Panic Attacks Program. I am no expert but I would bet if you were to follow the program and learn to breathe properly, learn the connection between your feelings and thoughts and when you are breathing improperly, you will find yourself back to the old you again in no time!" -- Angie -- Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A.


    The Anxiety Journey Message Board

    Click here to visit one of the few Message Boards on the Internet where people who have recovered from years of panic attacks and phobias are helping others. Not sure of using the program? Thinking of going to a doctor or a therapist?  Post your questions and wait for a reply, many times in a few hours. All moderators volunteer and are not employed or paid except from the satisfaction they receive in helping others. Read through hundreds of posted message, many with practical and invaluable advice that cannot be found anywhere else!


    Discontinued Medications!

    Do yourself a HUGE favor and get The Healing Panic Attacks program I know you might feel that it is way to crazy to live without the Xanax and Paxil, but let me tell you... I was in the same position last year... with the encouragement of the Healing panic attacks staff and other people on the list, I was off the Benzos within a month and off Paxil within three months... just enough time to get the program happening for me... good luck Zophie Note: Always consult your doctor before discontinuing prescribed medications..  

    Note: Always consult your doctor before discontinuing prescribed medications..


    What you receive is a professional scientific program that shows you how to deal with and prevent the specific physical and psychological causes of panic attacks.



    When you order on-line, you will be sent the Healing Panic Attacks manual, the Revitalizer II mp3 by Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. and the Complete Relaxation mp3 by Dr. Glenn Harrold. No waiting for the program to arrive in the mail. It'll be right there for you to download. The On-Line Manual includes all the information you need to get started on your way to recovery. Then in about a week you will receive:

    Voldyne Volumetric Breathing Exerciser

    Stress Thermometer

    We will include Dr Christopher Gilbert's Anti-Panic Mp3 with your order.  This is a $14.95 value absolutely FREE.  But HURRY as this offer will end soon!


    ORDER NOW for only US $99.95, $129.95 with CDs, or $169 with the MotivAider 

    Order form


      The MotivAider® is a remarkably simple electronic device that empowers people of all ages to make desired changes in their own behavior. The MotivAider clips to your belt and can be set  to vibrate at set time intervals. Its gentle reminders will compel you to take action there and then - to think a positive thought, relax your shoulders, breathe deeply, and so on. It works like a dream The optional MotivAider, reminds you automatically during the day to be aware of your breathing, and is included Healing Panic Program with MotivAider.


    Limited Offer!

    Dr. Christopher Gilbert has given his permission to offer his "Fly More Calmly" CD  as an option for the program. The CD has been priced for $19.95. We are offering it for only $15.95.  You may not have thought about flying! Many people with this disorder don't even consider the idea. But in the event you need to fly before you finish the program, listen to the CD at home and take a portable player with you and listen to the mp3 as you fly.

     Was thrilled to find this website. My order arrived very quickly so I could get a fast start on my recovery. I have found the items very useful & am implementing the diaphragmatic breathing. It works beautifully! What is so amazing is that it is also extremely simple! The forum treats everyone with great respect & sympathy. No one is treated like a freak for having this condition! I only wish I had found this program sooner! Thank you for the blessed opportunity to heal from this hideous, personally destructive affliction! I can now continue with my life without fear. Margo


    The Healing Panic Attacks Program

    This is a one of a kind program that will teach you how to eliminate your panic attacks .  We all know how horrifying panic attacks can be so don't wait, order today and say goodbye forever. 





    Each minute you spend coping with the stressful symptoms and panic attacks are minutes you could be accomplishing other things, going the places you want to go, and getting the rest you need. I am giving you two valuable premiums so you will be convinced to order the Healing Panic Attacks Program today.


    Those who use The Healing Panic Attacks Program report that they feel in control of panic and anxiety attacks in the first three weeks. Everyone is different, of course. None the less, when you use the program as directed, you can expect to feel better and know you're on the road to recovery in that short of a time. You learn why what you have tried before has not helped or kept you free from panic. With your doctor's help, you reduce and finally discontinue the medications that you have been taking to control symptoms. You will no longer need medication if you've been taking them. You can be healed from panic attacks.




    of the following organizations:


    Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Server, we email you the On-Line Manual  so you can start using the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program right away.

    We look forward to getting an email or letter from you, telling us about your recovery. Even though we get an enormous amount of mail, please write to us. We'd love to hear your success story!




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    "Men's Health" Magazine (Feb 2002)

    Mens Health Magazine ". . . Bert Anderson, Ph.D., of the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery program, has helped thousands of people beat panic disorder."
    "When Panic Attacks" by Mike Zimmerman, page 91.

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