The actual chapters of the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program MANUAL are freely available so you can start your recovery from panic attacks today.

First read the Introduction. Then read Chapters I through IV to understand the reasons for having panic attacks and what you do to regain control.



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I'm Amy Korkiakoski a former Anxiety and Panic Attack sufferer. I had experienced debilitating panic attacks for almost 20 years before realizing they could be healed.
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I have appeared on several radio and television shows sharing my story with others around the world. My message is that there is hope and recovering is possible. It just takes the correct knowledge and tools to stop your panic attacks.

Bert Anderson

Dr Bert Anderson is a retired therapist that practiced for 30 years, he specialized in addiction and stress related disorders. His interest in helping people with panic disorder led to research that contributes to the understanding of panic and is published in scientific journals. Dr Anderson has reported on the methods developed for the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program, at the clinical meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology, in Leuven, Belgium. He also reported on research and the Healing Panic Attacks Program at scientific conferences in Perpignan, France (1998), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (1999), Granada, Spain (1999), and Oxford University, UK  (2001).


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Specialists brought together in Healing Panic Recovery Program. Each makes a unique contribution to insure your recovery from panic disorder and phobias.

Bert Anderson, Ph.D.
Bert Anderson, PhD
Bert Anderson, M.Div., Ph.D. -- Healing Panic Program.
Dr. Anderson is the creator of the Healing Panic Recovery Program. His original "How to Treat Your Own Panic Disorder" Web Site was the first deliver self-help treatment and advice to Internet users world wide. The Healing Panic Recovery Program evolved in response to successful recovery and enthusiastic feedback from people who used these early instructions. The self-help treatment information found in the program is a result of thirty years devoted to clinical practice and over 15 years specializing in the study of panic attacks as a licensed therapist. Published research studies by Dr. Anderson have been reported at international conferences in the United States and Europe. These presentations reflect his research in physiological monitoring of spontaneous panic attacks, and their classification by frequency, symptom severity and changes in breathing.


Amy Korkiakoski
Amy D. Korkiakoski-- Former Panic Attack Sufferer, Author, CEO and owner of several Internet Companies,,
A former Anxiety and Panic Attack sufferer. Amy experienced debilitating panic attacks for almost 20 years before realizing they could be cured.  She tried many different treatment programs, medications, and eventually thought panic attacks would always be a part of her life.  It wasn't until approximately five years ago Amy became panic attack free.  Part of her recovery was learning not to fear the fear, breathing techniques and acceptance of the feelings she had from the panic attacks.  Once she realized they weren't going to hurt her they stopped.  She wants all of YOU to know you can achieve the same.


Tom Budzynski, PhD
Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. -- Revitalizer II, Priming Relaxation and Self-Esteem.
Dr. Budzynski is an internationally recognized psychologist, researcher and educator who has created audio materials for the Department of Defense, industry and research for over 25 years. His audio instructions are designed to promote mental functioning, counter negative attitudes, improve performance, facilitate deep relaxation and manage pain. He has pioneered the use of priming, whisper track and sound techniques which helps the brain respond to the beneficial voice messages on the tapes. He has written several scientific papers based on mind-body and brain research. He teaches at the University of Washington, Department of Psychosocial and Community Health, in Seattle, Washington.


Christopher Gilbert, PhD
Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D. -- Fly More Calmly
Dr. Gilbert is a psychologist at the Chronic Pain Management Program, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco, California. He has published several scientific papers and is one of three authors of the professional text, "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders," published in 2002. He has produced audio materials that specifically target anxiety, panic and phobias using cognitive behavioral methods with special attention to physical symptoms. He received his doctorate in psychology from Michigan State University and taught psychology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. He has presented workshops and seminars on hyperventilation, has written several articles on breathing, and edited "Breathing," the newsletter of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology.


Steve Levinson, Ph.D.


Steve Levinson, Ph.D. - Inventor of the MotivAider
Levinson was born and raised in New York City. He earned a bachelors degree in psychology from Queens College of the City University of New York and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Rochester. After completing his training, he moved to Minnesota to direct an innovative rural mental health program that has flourished under his leadership for the past thirty years.


Tim Lowinstein, Ph.D

Tim Lowinstein, Ph.D. - Digital Stress Thermometer
An international authority on Pressure Management, Dr. Tim Lowenstein is a pioneer researcher, renowned author and recognized recording artist of Holographic Music . Dr.Lowenstein began his work as a graduate student at Kansas State University in 1972. His Ph.D. is in Counseling and his M.S. is in Family and Child Development. He helped develop the first biofeedback/relaxation program in a university counseling center. Seeing a much greater need, Dr. Lowenstein and his wife, Janai, incorporated the Non-profit, Tax-exempt, Conscious Living Foundation to educate the general public in healthier ways to manage pressure. Based on his research and personal experience of training thousands, Dr. Lowenstein developed the Stress Computer Program. His wife, Janai, specializes in developing and applying similar techniques for children.



This group of people were brought together to create the Healing Panic Attacks Recovery Program.  They all had one goal and that was to create a program that would HEAL your anxiety and panic attacks.  They have succeeded.  This program, if followed as written, will teach you everything you need to know.  Just follow the manual as it explains step by step how to re-teach yourself to breathe correctly. 

They do not give you a lot of promises of being able to "cure" you in an hour.  Your panic disorder didn't start in an hour and it can NOT be cured in an hour.  You have to learn the techniques shown in the manual and practice them everyday.  Practice is most important.  You have to follow the manual and use the Volumetric Exerciser as you follow the detailed instructions.  It is very easy to use.  It is like brushing your teeth, you just do it everyday.  We believe we have given you the knowledge and the tools to heal your panic attacks, now it is your turn to order the program and get started today.  Don't wait another day suffering with those debilitating panic attacks. 














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